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Combat operations of the 1st Czechoslovak Independent Brigade
Combat operations operations around Vasilkov (09.-10.11.1943)
Command: to strengthen the Soviet fast group (51st rifle corps) with a goal to capture Kagarlyk [1]. Before it support in attack 3rd battalion of 342nd rifle regiment against village Cherniakhov.

Place: Cherniakhov (the Ukraine, USSR)
Date: 09.-10.11.1943
Czechoslovak unit: 1st Czechoslovak Independent Brigade
in particular: combined group of fast operation (2 tanks T-34/76, 7 tanks T-70M, 2 armory vehicles BA-64B, 1 submachine-gun company and 1 platoon of brigade engineers)
Allied forces: 3rd battalion of 342nd rifle regiment (Soviet 136th rifle division)
Enemy forces: German 4th tank army [2]
Info: although attack started (15:00) hopefuly, hidden German defense destroyed 4 tanks T-70M and compel the rest of group to fall back (19:00). However during nightly attack remain tanks with Czechoslovak and Soviet infantry achieve Cherniakhov (after midnight) and started "clean up" village till 05:00.
Czechoslovak casualties: 8 killed, 7 wounded, 3 missed, destroyed 4 tanks T-70M
Enemy casualties: [uwc] about 200 killed, 7 light machine guns, 4 heavy machine guns. Captured 80mm mortar battery, 14 filed cannons 75mm and 37mm

Combat operations around Vasilkov (11.11.1943)
Command: achieve village Mytnice (10 km) and capture settlements Komuna Chajka and Petrivka to ensure Soviet 5th guards tank corps from east.

Place: Komuna Cajka, Petrivka (the Ukraine, USSR)
Date: 11.11.1943
Czechoslovak unit: 1st Czechoslovak Independent Brigade
in particular: combined group of fast operation (1 infantry company from 2nd battalion, 2 submachine-gun platoons from 1st battalion, 4 tanks T-34/76, 1 tank T-70M, 1 anti-tank cannon battery)
Allied forces: 4 tanks (Soviet 21st independent tank brigade)
Enemy forces: German 4th tank army
in particular: [tba]
Info: after midday group left village Mytnice and occupied Komuna Chajka. Group commander sent to Petrivka submachine-gun platoon, which held settlement some time but was compel to withdrawal by stronger enemy forces. Therefore group engaged Petrivka again at 15:00 and after two hours finaly captured the settlement. Furthermore struck back last German counter attack.
Czechoslovak casualties: 3 killed, 4 wounded, 1 tank T-34/76 destroyed
Enemy casualties: [uwc] 2 cannons, several machine-gun nests

[1] - at last was not accomplished for want of absence military technique.
[2] - between 10-12.11.1943 were identified around village Cherniakhov units of 82nd infantry, 10th motorized and 3td tank divisions. Source [Goncharov V. - Battle for Dnepr 1943].

[uwc] = unknown whole casualties, [tba] = to be added

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