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Czech and Slovak Legion
1st Czechoslovak Independent Field Battalion (1942-1943)
1st Czechoslovak Independent Brigade (1943-1944)
1st Czechoslovak Army Corps (1944-1945)
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Main combat operations
List of the famous combat operations of Czechoslovak units during their march from Buzuluk (USSR) to Prague (Czechoslovakia).

[operation], combats period combatant unit
1st Czechoslovak Independent Filed Battalion (03/1943)
battle of Sokolovo 08.-09.03.1943 whole battalion
1st Czechoslovak Independent Brigade (11/1943-01/1944)
battle of Kiev 05.-06.11.1943 whole brigade
combat operations around Vasilkov 09.-11.11.1943 2 combined groups of fast operation
battle of Ruda
battle of Biela Cerkov
whole brigade
combat operations around Zhashkov 17.-26.01.1944 whole brigade
1st Czechoslovak Army Corps (09/1944-05/1945)
[Carpatho-Dukla's operat.]
battle of Dukla Pass
combats at Slovak Carpathian Mountains
combats at river Ondava


whole 1st Army Corps [1] except for 1st fighter air regiment
Slovak national uprising 18.09.-25.10.1944
1st fighter air regiment
2nd paradesant brigade [2]

combats at Jaslo [3] 15.-16.01.1945 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th artillery regiments, 1st tank battalion
[West-Carpathian operat.] liberation of Slovakia 18.01.-02.05.1945 1st and 3rd infantry brigades, from March also 4th brigade, mechanized submachine-gun battalion [4]
combats in Silesia [5] 24.03.-15.04.1945 1st tank brigade
[Ostrava's operation] 15.04.-05.05.1945 1st tank brigade
1st join air division

liberation of Czech lands 03.-10.05.1945
1st, 3rd, 4th infantry birgades
1st tank brigade

[1] - 2nd Paradesant Brigade engaged on Carpatho-Dukla's operation from 12.09. till 19.09., after that it was sent to support Slovak national uprising.
[2] - after defeat of Slovak national uprising the rest of the 2nd Paradesant Brigade moved into guerrilla war.
[3] - a part of Jasel's operation.
[4] - unit of the 1st Cs. Independent Tank Brigade fighting between 23.01.-04.02.1945.
[5] - southern Poland.

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