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Combats of the 1st Czechoslovak Join Air Division
Czechoslovak air units in Ostrava's operation (14.04.-01.05.1945)
Command: support attack of Soviet 1st guards army.

In April 1945 1st Czechoslovak Join Air Division in particular 1st Fighter Air Regiment and 3rd Attack Air Regiment supported attack of Soviet 1st guards army with aim to: destroy by bomb raids all enemy infantry and techniques in area north of Ostrava and Bohumín; perform aerial reconnaissance of artillery groups and enemy techniques; monitor intensity and movement of enemy units in depth 50 km from forward line of front.

During its mission 1st Czechoslovak Join Air Division accomplished 559 flights, destroyed 1 enemy plane (Fw-190) and 2 planes damaged (1x Fw-190, 1x Me-109 G), furthermore destroyed or damaged 1 tank, 47 vehicles, 22 conveyances, 1 locomotive, 2 wagons, 2 petrol storage tanks, 2 ammunition dumps, 71 anti-aircraft defensive positions, 11 cannons and killed more than 1300 enemy soldiers.

Own losses: 3x Il-2 shot down by anti-aircraft enemy fire, damaged several planes La-5.

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