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Czech and Slovak Legion
1st Czechoslovak Independent Field Battalion (1942-1943)
1st Czechoslovak Independent Brigade (1943-1944)
1st Czechoslovak Army Corps (1944-1945)
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Pages relevant to Czechoslovak Eastern resistance:

1939 - Legion Czechos³owacki [mirror page] [PL]
dedicated to Czechoslovak legion in Poland...

Air Aces [EN,CZ]
the best Czechoslovak fighter pilots in the Soviet Union and their successes...

Battle for Dukla Pass [EN]
by Bill Tarkulich...

Carpatho-Dukla's operation [EN]
by Bill Tarkulich...

Czechoslovak Women Fighting in Foreign Military Units during World War II [CZ,EN,RU]
internet exhibition on women who voluntarily served and fought in foreign military units during the Second World War in the Soviet Union, England, Yugoslavia and in the Middle East...

Database of Czechoslovak military units' membres in WW2 [CZ]
including those from Eastern front. Database was created by Czech Military historical archive...

Ludvķk Svoboda [EN,RU,CZ]
the official page of Czechoslovak commander...

Military museum in Svidnķk [EN]
represents exposure from the battle of Dukla Pass and combats in Eastern Slovakia...

Post Bellum - Memory of nation [EN]
nongovernment and noncommercial organization founded in 2001. Systematically striving for community satisfaction of Czech (Czechoslovak) war veterans. Web page offered textual, visual and sound memories of our heroes...

Slovak union of antifascism warriors [SK,EN]
politicaly independent organization, which associate legionaries, members of WW2 resistance and Slovak national uprising (SNU). Page brings information about SNU and 2nd Czechoslovak paradesant brigade...

War memories [CZ]
dedicated to Czechoslovak military resistance abroad. From eastern combats published info about last days of Czechoslovak legion in Poland or combats of the 1st Czechoslovak army corps during Jasel's operation (18.12.1944-19.01.1945)...

Pages relevant to World War II.

Axis history [EN]
everything you need to know about Germany and its allies... [EN]
research on the German Armed Forces 1919-1945...

Nga Toa [EN]
features a collection of oral history and personal accounts from WW2 veterans of New Zealand's armed forces. Includes personal stories from major theaters such as Greece, Crete, North Africa, Italy and the Pacific...

Royal Hungarian Army [EN]
detail information about Hungarian military units... [EN]
a complete World War 2 Timeline, detailing every event, day by day from 1939 through to 1945...

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