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Awarded Czechoslovaks soldiers in USSR
Czechoslovak military medal "For Merit"
Established: 20.04.1943 by Czechoslovak exile government in London.
Awarded to: members of Czechoslovak army for admirable merit out of combat action.
Grades or repetitive conferment: medal had two grades - 1st grade (silver medal), 2nd (bronze medal).
Notes: the medal was also awarded (according act number 70/1946 Sb.) to members of allied military units or groups of persons.

Awarded Czechoslovaks: [wba]
this order was also given to some members of the 1st Czechoslovak army corps.
Czechoslovak military medal For merit (1st grade) - © Michal Gelbič
Czechoslovak military medal
"For merit" (1st grade)
© Michal Gelbič

Czechoslovak military medal For merit (2nd grade) - ©
Czechoslovak military medal
"For merit""
(2nd grade)

[wba] - will be added later.

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