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Awarded Czechoslovaks soldiers in USSR
Order of Lenin
Established: 06.04.1930 by Decree of CIK SSSR.
Awarded to: order is higher Soviet decoration, which was awarded to citizens of USSR, foreigners, companies, organizations, institutions, military units, military ships, factories, cities, regions, Republics etc. for eminent merit in revolution movement, labor activity, defense of socialistic country, development of friendship, cooperation between nations, peace assistance or other eminent merit before Soviet state and community.
Order was also awarded to foreigners and recipients of the title and Gold star of a "Hero of the Soviet Union".

First awarded Czechoslovak in USSR:
as a recipient of the title of "Hero of the Soviet Union" was awarded 1st company commander second lieutenant Jaroš Otakar for battle of Sokolovo village (08.03.1943). First direct appreciation was given to 1st Czechoslovak independent field battalion commander Svoboda on 26.04.1943.
Awarded Czechoslovaks: 8
[26.04.1943] Svoboda Ludvík - battle of Sokolovo
[21.12.1943] Petras Sergej - battle of Kiev
[21.12.1943] Janko Vladimír - battle of Kiev
as recipients of "Hero of the Soviet Union" were awarded:
[17.04.1943] Jaroš Otakar [I/M] - battle of Sokolovo
[21.12.1943] Buršík Josef - battle of Kiev
[21.12.1943] Sochor Antonín - battle of Kiev
[21.12.1943] Tesařík Richard - battle of Kiev
[10.08.1945] Vajda Stěpan [I/M] for combat merit
Order of Lenin - © - permited for publication
Order of Lenin

Commander Svoboda Ludvík taking Order of Lenin from chairman Kalinin after battle of Sokolovo [©]
Commander Svoboda taking "Order of Lenin" from chairman Kalinin after battle of Sokolovo

Commander Svoboda Ludvík - awarded by Order of Lenin after battle of Sokolovo [©]
Commander Svoboda - awarded by "Order of Lenin" after battle of Sokolovo

[I/M] - in memoriam.

CIK SSSR - Centralnyj ispolnitelnyj komitet SSSR (Central Executive Committee of USSR).

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