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Czech and Slovak Legion
1st Czechoslovak Independent Field Battalion (1942-1943)
1st Czechoslovak Independent Brigade (1943-1944)
1st Czechoslovak Army Corps (1944-1945)
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Medals and decorations
During and after the battle march of the Czechoslovak units from USSR to "homeland" its members were awarded with many of Czechoslovak and Soviet orders, medals and badges. Some of them joined units already with medals [1] from the beginning of the fight against fascism [2]. Awarded were not only individuals but also the whole units.

Czechoslovak orders and medals

Awarded during war:
Czechoslovak war cross from 1939
Czechoslovak medal "For gallantry in the face of the enemy"

Awarded after war:
Czechoslovak military order of the white lion "For Victory"
Czechoslovak commander's order of Jan Zizka of Trocnov
Czechoslovak military order "For Freedom"
Order of Slovak national uprising
Czechoslovak military medal "For Merit"

Commemorative medals:
Commemorative medal of the Czechoslovak army abroad
Commemorative medal of the Battle of Sokolovo 1943
Commemorative medal of the Battle of Dukla Pass
Commemorative medal of the 20th Anniversary of Slovak national uprising
Commemorative medal of the 20th Anniversary of Liberation CSSR
Commemorative medal of the 30th Anniversary of national struggle for...
Commemorative medal of the 40th Anniversary of Liberation by Soviet Army
Commemorative medal of the 50th Anniversary of Slovak national uprising (SK)
Commemorative medal of the 50th Anniversary of Liberation of Slovakia and Ending WW2 (SK)
Honourable commemorative badge of the 60th Anniversary of Ending WW2 (CZ)

Soviet orders, medals and badges

Gold Star of a "Hero of the Soviet Union"
Order of Lenin
Order of the Red Banner
Order of Suvorov
Order of Kutuzov
Order of Bogdan Chmelnitsky
Order of Alexander Nevsky
Order of the Patriotic War
Order of the Red Star
Order of Glory
Medal for Courage
Medal for Combat Service
Medal for the Liberation of Prague
Medal for the Victory over Germany
Badge "Excellent engineer (sapper)"
Badge "Excellent miner"
Badge "Excellent artilleryman"
Badge "Excellent trooper"

[1] - as Order of Spanish Republic, Polish War Cross, British Distinguished Service Order.
[2] - 1936-1939 in Spanish civil war (Spain), 1939 in Tarnopol (Poland), 1940 France, 1940 Great Britain (pilots in battle of Britain), 1941 Middle East (defense of Tobruk)

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